Paula Herrera is a singer songwriter born in the small town of Curicó, in the south of Chile and at a very young age she showed great interest and ability for music, playing the piano for her school audience at the age of four. At the age of five she discovered that through singing and playing the guitar she was able to communicate with the world in a more fluid and easy way.

After finishing high school she moved to Santiago where she studied advertising before going to work as a flight attendant in Lan Chile. It was not until 1998 that she decided to study music at the newly formed Escuela Moderna de Música in Santiago with the goal of becoming a professional musician.

In 2004 she became the first student to graduate as a “professional pop music singer” in Chile, starting a career under the artist name of Amarantha and releasing two CD albums, “Sueño de Vida” (2008) and “11″ (2009).
Throughout this time, she did not only become a professional singer songwriter but she also decided to studied acting in The School of Theatre of Fernando Gonzáles as a way to strengthen her career even further.

After a couple of years as Amarantha, she decided to rebrand herself and go back to her real name of “Paula Herrera”. In 2011 she released her album Verde Y Celeste, a drastically different proposition where she managed to blend, with great success the styles of folklore, pop and electronic music. The albums was masterfully produced by the talented chilean producer, Cristián Valdivia. This album not only brought her great satisfaction but also brought her closer to her roots as a small town girl from the country.

In September of that same year Paula decided to take her guitar and head over to Spain where she was able to give more than fifteen concerts, performing in cities like Barcelona, Madrid, Bilbao and Oviedo among others.

Back in Chile, in January of 2012, Paula participated in the Festival of Olmué’s tribute to Violeta Parra and later in July of that year, her song “El Perdón” won The Sitmuch Singers Summit Competition. (Musicians Union of Chile).

In November of 2012, Paula released a new album titled “La Discreción Del Caracol” (The Discretion Of The Snail), also produced by Cristian Valdivia. For this album she decides to persue a more “minimalist” approach, favoring her guitar and vocals but still supporting her lyrics and beautiful melodies with subtle touches of “electronica”.

In February of 2013, Paula represented Chile in the renowned Festival de Viña del Mar, where she won 1st place in the folklore competition and got to take home the famous “Gaviota de Plata” (Silver Seagull), given for the best song of the event.

In 2014 Paula made her second tour in Europe where she performed in several countries such as Spain, France, Germany and Switzerland.

In 2016 Paula launched her album “De la rosa y el espino” followed to a tour in Guatemala and Mexico.

Currently Paula works promoting her career, playing concerts through out her country and helping develop new talent. She is currently writing and recording her new album.